Administrative Setup- Sports Council


The Punjab state sports council here-in – after called the council will be an advisory body on matters connected with development of sports including infrastructure, equipment and for providing grants to various bodies of organizations connected with sports.

  • To grant recognition to sports associations/ tournament committees and sports clubs and to extend to them financial and other assistance as per rules framed from time to time for the purpose.   
  • To act as liaison between the directorate of sports and the local bodies and gram Panchayats for the construction of stadium.
  • To avail of financial assistance on behalf of state government in the sports department from the government of India under various schemes as promulgated from time to time.
  • To run such schemes on behalf of the directorate of sports as may be entrusted to the council from time to time.
  • To arrange matches /tournaments/competitions for the foreign teams visiting the states.
  • To look after the welfare of the sportsmen/sportswomen to provide necessary monetary assistance and other incentives to them.
  • To regulate activities pertaining to school games and rural sports.
  • To constitute sports councils at district or lower level.

The council shall consist of the following:-


1. President Chief Minister, Punjab
2. Senior Vice President Sports Minister, Punjab
3. Vice President Secretary to government, Punjab, Department of sports
4. Member – Secretary Director Sports, Punjab.

However, for obvious reasons, during the president's rule, the posts of president and senior vice president shall be held in abeyance and the council will be headed by the advisor to the governor, in charge of department of sports.

B) Member (Ex-Office)

  • Finance minister of his nominee.
  • Education minister of his nominee
  • Minister of rural development and panchayat or his nominee.
  • Principal secretary to chief minister , Punjab (Secretary to governor during president's rule)
  • Executive director, sports authority of India.
  • Regional director, sports authority of India, northern centre, Chandigarh.
  • Secretary general, POA

C) Members (Nominated)

The council shall have the twelve (12) members inclusive of two ladies. These members will be nominated by the president/senior vice-president and should be either outstanding international players or sports administrative with wide and sufficient background and experience.


Tenure of the office bearer and members of the council shall be as under:-

  • President , senior vice president , vice president , Member secretary and ex-office members shall continue as such so long as they hold offices by virtue of which they are office bearers or members of the council.
  • The nominated members shall hold office for two years unless the term is terminated by a special order by the nominating authority.
  • A member who does not attend three consecutive meetings of the council without taking leave of absence from the president shall automatically cease to be a member.

The council shall, ordinarily, hold two meetings in a year.


All funding for provision of infra- structure, equipment and for providing grants to various bodies for organsation of competitions will be done through Punjab state sports council.

50% of the sports development fund collected from the schools and colleges will be at the disposal of sports council. The sports council will also get 50% of the existing sports Development fund. The sports council shall formulate detailed rules for administering the funds and shall have powers to revise the rate from time to time.(the details regarding the present rates and enhanced rates as per order no-8/64/92-5EDU-7/1829, dated 31.03.1993 of department of sports and youth services are given in annexure 'A'.

The council shall also raise funds from the following sources:-

  • Collection from tournaments and exhibition matches.
  • Contributions from local bodies and educational institutions.
  • Donations.
  • Collection through any other sources which the council may deem proper.

The council may delegate any powers to any of the office bearers of the council as deemed appropriate. Such office bearers may further sub-delegate their powers to any of the officials of the council, with the approval of the council.

The council may, from time to time, frame rules/bye-1 for carrying out its activities and for regulating the council of its business.

Organisation Structure of Sports Council, Punjab

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